Making Old Friends, New Again

HeatherSunday night, I had the greatest pleasure of getting to hang out with a dear friend of mine from high school. It had been almost 7 years since we’d seen each other last and just about that long since we last talked. Life took us both by the arm and whisked us away! What a whirlwind we’ve both been through in the last several years.We met back up about 3 months ago on Facebook. I love Facebook by the way. It’s SO much better than Myspace. I’ve actually rekindled friendships because of Facebook which never really happened via Myspace. Sorry Tom. I just like “the Face” better. Anyway, I emailed her, not believing that I had actually found her and I told her that it’s been like forever that I’ve been trying to catch up with her!”Funny,” she said. “I’ve been talking about you for years!””Really?” I said.Then she went on tell me (both in her email and even more indepth Sunday night) what a crucial part I played in her coming to Christ. You need to know that she went on to work for Campus Crusade for Christ both of which we were actively involved in in college. She talked about the devotional I gave her our senior year of high school and how that really spurred her on to dig deeper into Christianity, to how I prayed for her, helped her with questions she had, and how I was her friend when others turned their back on her. I mean I sort of knew all this but I guess I didn’t know just how much it changed her. It was very touching, I nearly made an idiot of myself at dinner but I did good held back the miles of tears. Since then, she’s led bible studies and college groups with Cru and every time she’s shared her testimoy, she reads from the devotional I gave her and talks about me like we’d never lost touch. Like we were still the best friends.Gosh, humbling huh? What a mediocre life I lead and to hear this! WOW! I just couldn’t believe it! God used me in her life and now I see what He has done through me! What an honor. Thank you Lord for using me! Thank you for blessing someone elses life through mine and thank you for blessing mine again!Heather, I am so proud of you! It was great to see you, and I can’t wait ’til next time! Wish you guys were here so you could be our Joe and Janice! :)Much love always girlie!


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