Scawy Wabbit…

so I’m not one to really get scared of dumb stuff so this is real… the other night Jason and I step out of the apartment on our way to get the 50,000 pounds of laundry being washed at the laundry room in the center of our apartment complex. No sooner did we get 3 yards from our door did I hear and see something very large scurry away and up the nearest tree. Any guesses?RaccoonA huge raccoon! Oh my gosh, it was humongous! I’m scared to death, wanting to get back inside and never go back out after dark again! So naturally, I went back in and got the camera. Jason’s shooting away. They’re cute, but man, they will you tear you up if they feel threatened. Okay, so then I go around through the parking lot to get to the main sidewalk that leads to the center of the complex and what did I see there? 3 more raccoons! Thankfully they were running in the opposite direction. Uh uh, no way was I going down there! I was ready to go back inside and forget about the laundry. I mean, how hard is it to buy all new towels? But, I was loving made fun of and forced to the laundry room. We went the long way around and on our timid walk, yet another raccoon! That’s 5 people! 5 raccoons just outside our door! CRAZY! So, now every time I’m outside after dark you better believe I’ve got something in my hand that makes noise. Oooo it gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!November 6th – still scared… no more sightings.


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