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Vegas Baby!

Yep, I’m headed to Vegas! I cannot wait because I’ve never been… neither has Jason. We leave on Saturday morning and get back on Monday night. I’ll post pictures when I get back. Any suggestions on the must do’s?


Home Sweet Home

We have finally moved into our new place, last weekend in fact. I absolutely love it! This is the first time I’ve lived in a place that feels like home. You know that unsettled feeling you have when you live in an apartment? The feeling that you really can’t do much with it… I mean, why would you, you’re leaving in a year anyway. Well this place is completely different! It’s a townhome for starters. All of our neighbors own their home. It’s two floors, all the bedrooms are upstairs and, we have a garage! How cool is that? Jason is most thrilled about it because now he can have his manly area – you know, with tools and stuff. I’m really excited for him! I remember how much my father enjoyed his time in the garage fixing stuff and playing around with all the gadgets. It’s kinda like us and all our purses. Am I right ladies?!

Anyway, so we have the cutest little garden on the main floor porch that we’re going to have to have a gardener for. I have the brownest thumb I have ever seen. I cannot for the life of me keep anything alive (plant wise)! Then we have a huge balcony off the master bedroom which will be the perfect place for a lounge chair and soaking up the sunshine! Ginger, you’re welcome any time. I think you need a little Cali sun anyway!

There are so many great things about this place. The best of which it feels like home. It’s a very safe area, the floorplan is just fantastic, the rent is less than what we were paying, we have a garage & a W/D, and best of all, we’re not in a corporate apartment complex and my name isn’t Jones – 316A.

I’ll post pictures soon after we get all our furniture arranged and all the boxes are gone. You know how that is.

Here they are!


New Job

Last Thursday, I started a new job at a local mall as the Guest Services Manager. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well… not exactly. I visited another local mall to meet with their GSM and she opened my eyes to the fact that this is not a job… this is a career. Do you know how excited that made me?! I have finally made my first move towards being a career woman and I love it! So basically what I do is this:

#1. Manage Guest Services and the 7 employees that run the front desk. This is the retail management part of the job.

#2. Seek out new business to purchase our Visa Gift Cards. This means cold calling, hitting the streets, going to mixers, etc. Selling! Yipes! Never done that before…

#3. Kidgits… kid-what? Kidgits… our children’s program. This is where the event planning comes in that I can do with my eyes closed. We have a monthly show, of sorts, for all our kids club members.

Those are the top 3 things I will be doing. It sounds simple but it’s quite a work load especially since the people before me (both guys) weren’t very organized. That means I’m pretty much starting from scratch.

So far so good though! I can see myself there for a while. The best thing about the company I work for is if we move to Austin, and we plan on doing so within the next 5 years, I have several options of places to transfer to. What a blessing that is!




So, my husband is more excited about this than I am, mainly because he knows their music. I do not. He’s an avid fan. I am not. He knows all the guys names. I do not. Get the picture? 

Because I am a supportive wife and because I’m curious about what all the hub-bub is about, we’ll be going to this… 


oh, and by the way, this is right down the street from where we’re moving to 🙂 


Sushi King

Most of you know that I LOVE SUSHI! I didn’t realize myself how much I loved sushi until we stumbled upon this restaurant last year in San Mateo (THANK YOU PAUL!). It is called Ni-Mo’s and you better believe that they have pictures of Nemo the cartoon around the place. The best thing about it is this guy…


That’s Steven, the owner and chef. We go to see him about once a week. I feel like he’s part of our family now! So, if you ever come visit us… we’ll be taking you to Ni-Mo’s 🙂


My Most Recent Find

Found this driving around Palo Alto… 


Any guesses as to who the man on the left is? 

Give up?

That’s Mr. Jobs… Steve Jobs!

Okay, so you’re thinking… yeah right… but it IS. We were actually driving down the street and he was walking towards us. We were so excited that we drove back and I took this picture of him from behind. 

You’ll just have to trust me.

Oh, and this is like less than a mile from my church. CRAZY!


Hi! :)

Just stopping by to say hi. I’ve been so busy with my new job and moving that I haven’t made much time to write. I will soon though!Here’s our new place (starting April 12th)… oh, and that’s not our car… img_0041.jpg  

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