Real time LIFE update…

1. I told ya’ll a few months ago that Jason was going to go back to school… well, it’s all about to begin. He starts June 12th and it all begins with good ‘ole orientation. He’s super excited and so am I! Although this will bring many sleepless nights for him and lonely nights for me, we both know that in the end, it is going to close a chapter in the book of college and open wide the book of opportunity. Praise God for such a great chance! Please pray for Jason in his journey.

2. We’re in our new place and fairly settled. I think we’re having a house warming party soon… maybe mid-June. Everyone’s invited! Come one, come all, near and far!

3. Otterball is doing really well. We’re super stoked about how fast things are growing! We’ve got a few amazing clients that I’m sure several of you know… but… until it’s official… I can’t say a word. Check for updates at http://www.otterball.com as well as our Facebook page… Are you a fan yet?

4. I think I need to go home soon… Jason’s parents just came into town and my mom is coming next month but I’m getting the feeling that that’s not going to do it for me. I’m in need of some huggers from a few of my bestest. Oh and I certainly need some Taste of Tokyo and Fido’s… So, Nashvegas and all ya’ll Nashvillians… keep and ear to the ground… it could happen to you 🙂

Well, that’s all folks!

From sunny California… 




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