Love vs. Hate

today is a sad day… i experienced something quite tragic in the simple life of rebecca. something that is so dear to me (enough to say that i love it with a capital OBSESSION) has joined hands with something that i passionately hate… i mean HAAAAATE!!!

okay, okay, so i know hate is a harsh word to say about anything, but honestly… i can say that i hate this particular thing so very much that i try to avoid it at all costs!

alright, enough already… i’ll stop with the guessing game… are you ready? i’m so sorry to all you health-conscience people out there… but i HATE, loath, despise, and refuse to eat… BANANAS… yuckie yuckie yuck! they not only taste gross but they make everything around them take on their taste and smell. if you eat one, the rest of the day you have it on your breath, you burp it and no matter what you eat, it has a slight banana taste to it…  and to me, that’s just plain gross. frankly, it gives me the heebie jeebies!

so what is this thing that i love so much? ah yes… the magical sign of life… it breathes energy and open-eyedness into me just about every day… you got it – the bucks of stars! better known as

today, i ventured to my local spot… and i walked in through a door plastered with clings talking about a new banana smoothie. yipee! NO. no yipee… but yuckie! i entered extremely hesitant to find what was on the other side. and much to my utter disgust, it wreaked of the unbeloved yellow contaminator. it seeped into my pours upon immediate contact and i actually believe that i could taste the air. it was all i could do to order my coffee.

so please please please mr. bucks, i plead to you with every fiber of my ever loving heart… cut out the ‘nanners! you just might have lost an extremely loyal customer…


i just can’t help but wonder… is GOD in this detail too? maybe this is HIS attempt to get me to stop with my consumption of the ever-so-wonderful dehydrating beverage that i love so… you know, HE does give and take away… oh LORD but PUHLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE not this!


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