little did you know…

thanks amy for the inspiration… 

here are 10 little things that may strike you as interesting… or not… about the becster

1. i am addicted to ice cream. need i say more? well, yes, i think i do. i’m not a fan of milk, at all. i actually can’t stand drinking milk… yuckie! so why ice cream? what could i possibly like about it? i mean, with being grossed out by milk and all… what exactly IS the best thing about ice cream? brain freezes? nope. it’s creamy goodness? nah, but close… it’s gotta be… the way you eat it…. yep, that’s right…  you know those chocolate dipped cones from dairy queen? oh girlfriend, don’t get me started!!! it’s the best thing ever created! you know after the first bite you’ve got to eat it like gang busters or you’ll be wearing it! now that’s pure bliss… ah summer lovin’ (i do have to add that i’m a big fan of gelato too… ciao bella baby, blood orange of course!)

2. i grew up in the heart of south but don’t really have an accent… just how did that happen? then i meet people who are from virginia or florida and they speak with more of a draw than i do… now that’s weird. i met a lady the other day from ohio and could have sworn that she was related to my family in pulaski, tennessee. what is that about?! i will tell ya though, having a southern draw (or at least pretending to) on the west coast does have it’s perks… well, i just talked my little ‘ole southern belle self right out of a speedin’ ticket, ya’ll and drove my purdy little wagon right on out of thar. 

3. my favorite candy of all time is twizzlers. i absolutely love them! i mean, who could get enough?! first of all, they’re strawberry (which i’ve decided is the best flavor ever… and the best fruit, too) AND… if you need a straw, have a twizzlers. need to stir something… yep… twizzlers. they’re just the best! oh, and they don’t melt, love that.

4. i am a multi-tasker. i can listen to multiple conversations at once. i try not to do this though because it drives me nuts when people do this to me. friends, hold me to this. puhlease! this also means that i am a speedy worker. i can get multiple things done in half the time that others do. seriously, i can. it’s really a bizarre thing. i’ve worked my way out of two jobs being able to work like this. crazy! on the same note, i LOVE being busy, at work at least. it’s nice going home feeling like you got a lot accomplished and knowing tomorrow holds a whole new deck of cards to detangle. 

5. i didn’t have chicken pox until 4th grade. i was around classmates every single year that had it but but never got it until then. by the time you’re 10 you’re very aware of yourself. i picked and scratched at every single bump. i… was… miserable… thank goodness i wasn’t left with any scars. now, every time i eat oatmeal i still think of the pox… stupid chicken.

6. my first job was gift wrapping books at a local bookstore in nashville making $5 an hour. still to this day, if i do say so myself, i’m a pretty good wrapper. my mom however might disagree because she is the esteemed queen of wrapping in our family… even down to the way the bow curves around the package and how much tape is visible. it’s quite a magnificent vision! (love you mom) christmas is always fun around our house!

7. i am planning my 10 year high school reunion. yep. ‘nuf said.

8. i do not like to run AT ALL unless it’s from base to base. running and i do not get along for many various reasons that i will not disclose at this time… however, on the softball field, i will smoke you! challenge? oh yes! i challenge you all! i grew up playing softball at age 5 all the way to my senior year of high school (until i wrecked my car and couldn’t finish the year b/c i had to work to pay the bill)… that was the end of that.

okay… two more… how am i doing? are you intrigued at all? searching, searching… thinkin hard… ah! i’ve got it…

9. i love music! oh wait, you all probably know that already. but did you know… that my very first concert ever was garth brooks? the tight black jeans, the larger than life cowboy hat, and the multiple broken guitars. it was fabulous! i was 12 i think, in 7th grade. that concert changed my life. i was hooked. music was already a huge influence in my life but the concert vibe really got a hold of me (there’s a song in there somewhere i think). 

10. and drum roll please… number 10! here we go… i think gas is funny. i apologize to all the little ladies out there reading this and gasping with disgust and disbelief. i’m sorry… i do… it’s just funny… “dumb and dumber” – classic! remember, no one is listening until you fart! 🙂

and with that note… i am done here! what are 10 things that we may not know about you?


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