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for all of you who were wondering, yes, we have made it to nashville. most of you know that we had to keep it all very hush hush since my mom didn’t know the official date of our arrival. so now that that is out in the open, we can discuss…

my dear friend from high school, amanda cannington, flew out to san francisco to help us with our long haul across the country. we started our journey mid-afternoon on the 5th. we made it almost all the way through california but decided to stop in barstow, just on the border. our hotel, of course, was by the loudest train i have ever heard in my life! needless to say, we didn’t get solid sleep that night. oh, and not to mention, the dogs slept in the bed with us… a special treat that they hardly ever get at home b/c the little one wiggles too much, but daddy insisted. yippee…

moving on… from there we traveled through the rest of cali and got into arizona. there’s just something about the desert. so peaceful and beautiful. i can understand why people live out there, minus the heat. we stopped in flagstaff for a short lunch and kept on until we got to alburquerque that night to crash.

the next day we made it to amarillo, texas and stopped at the cutest little gas station. in the bathroom they had taken huge sheets of butcher paper and posted them around the bathroom on the walls and on the stall doors. at the top was written, tell us about your journey. for some reason i completely forgot to take my pen into the bathroom with me (silly me) but if i had, i would have written:

traveling 2300 miles in 4 days from san francisco to nashville with my husband, our two wiener dogs konked out in the back seat, my best friend from high school that i haven’t seen in 9 years, one car, and one uhaul. half way there, in the middle of nowhere.

from amarillo we got through the rest of texas (the most boring part of the drive). it was so boring that when we got into oklahoma, i couldn’t believe it! it was, by far, the prettiest part of the drive for me (amanda thought cali was the best part, i think). we got to oklahoma city around 7pm and decided to go ahead stop, have a good dinner, get some decent sleep, and maybe see a little bit of the debate that was taking place in nashville that night. (oh, and side note… thanks to the timing of our move, neither one of us can vote…) that night, we decided that the dogs needed to sleep alone, so we made them a nice little bed… in the closet. 

well rested, we got up and headed to TN. i really wanted jason to see beale street in memphis so we stopped for the night and enjoyed some blues and rendezvous (bbq). yummy! it was so much fun but our hotel was a little sketchy. i had gone out to the car to get something and when i came back, jason said “do we get a discount if someone has been murdered in our room?” what tha…?!?! you will not believe this but he found a pocket knife, a very large one at that, shoved in the seat of one of the chairs in the room. this was the beginning of another sleepless night for me… good thing we only had a 3 hour drive ahead of us.

the next day, we slept in, and then headed home to nashville. i have never been so anxious to go home! during the drive, we had been keeping in touch with friends and family giving them updates on our trip, all except for my mom. i spoke with her a couple times on the road but never clued her in to what was actually going on. we had been telling her that things were happening a week later than they actually were. her 60th birthday was that friday and she thought that we were going to miss it but little did she know we were going to be just in time! we finally got to nashville on the 9th and decided to go ahead and surprise mom instead of waiting for her birthday the next day. she nearly jumped out of her skin! i have never heard anyone scream so loud in my life!

so here we are. living in nashville again. i really cannot believe it! it’s been 3 full years and what an amazing journey it has been. jason and i have grown in so many ways. i am so thankful to be able to look back and see the evidence of Lord’s blessings and guidance in our lives. we are catching up with lots of new and old friends already and are going to begin the church search next week. pray for the Lord’s guidance in that process as well.

if you are a nashvillian, we hope to see you soon! to our cali and texas friends, we miss you, love you, and want you to visit us soon. visit my facebook page for pictures.


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