this afternoon i decided it was time to clean the front door. there were a few scuff marks on the door and the doorway left over from the last people who lived in our place and probably a few from us moving in. i’ve been looking at those marks for about 4 weeks now and finally i was able to take the time to clean them up. so i grabbed my magic eraser, the most amazing invention EVER, and began scrubbing. while i was on my hands and knees i started thinking about all the things i need to do to clean in the inside of the house… laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting, dishes and on and on. but i NEEDED to get this door cleaned. for some reason this was more important than the rest of the house. there were quite a few marks, a lot that i hadn’t noticed before, some so dark that it took pretty good elbow grease to get them off and some wouldn’t even come all the way off. whew! what a relief to get this taken care of. now people won’t think we’re dingy b/c our door is finally clean! then, i wished for just a moment that the inside of the house would be miraculously cleaned when i went back inside. too bad it doesn’t work that way, huh? clean the outside, and poof! the inside is clean. now that would be amazing!

then i began thinking, now matter how hard we make the outside look good,  it just doesn’t matter does it? the inside will still be the same and honestly, the inside matters the most… so who cares what the outside looks like? if we don’t maintain what’s on the inside then we are in disarray despite our outward appearance. we all have our scuff marks and scars on the outside that have remained from life’s journey but true beauty is from within. we have to continually keep it clean and looking good. by God’s grace and mercy we are refined and our scuffs are wiped away, we just need to acknowledge His power and wisdom in our lives.

not only do i want my home to be a place of beauty for my family and friends but i want to be a beautiful wife, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker too! 

such a simple lesson that came from a simple task. thank you Lord for leading me to that doorway today!


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