lives that touch

today at work at man (probably early 30’s) came by the booth to pick up a wheelchair. i noticed that he was on crutches and then realized when he sat down that he only had one leg. he had an oxygen tank with him as well. when he returned a few hours later with the wheelchair, he asked if i could push him outside to his car where his wife was picking him up. so i did and along the journey, pushing him to his car, noticing his bald head was covered with brown spots, i was bent over listening intently to what he was saying. he was so thankful for the wheelchair and thanked me about 5 times in our 3 minute walk. he told me how bitter he is about having to push his oxygen tank around and cant stand getting stared at but he was so very overjoyed to have a day out. he said he had been doing a lot of testings lately (i didn’t ask. i felt that all this man just needed someone to listen, so i did). he also told me that tomorrow he was headed back to vanderbilt for more testings and skin cell replacement procedures.

“they told me that this is my last hope,” he said.

oh, how i wish you could have heard him speak! he was so tired from the sickness, but yet full of energy on the inside. he longs to be healthy again. he is clinging onto all hope! then he got up, put his crutches under his arm, told me thank you again and started to hobble into the car. with tears in my eyes, all i could say to him was,

“God will bless you.”

usually what you say is, “God bless you” but for some reason it came out “God will bless you.”

my eyes filled even more with tears as i walked back to the booth. i prayed out loud, “Lord please bless him. give him strength and health that can only come from you!”

i don’t know why i said “God will bless you” but i did. and he will. that is his promise. 

so i ask you, please pray for brian. pray that God’s blessings WILL come quickly. thank you Lord that you bless us, even when we don’t deserve it.


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