so…. how was your day?

well… let me just tell ya about mine… my phone got stolen… at work… uh huh.

crazy thing is, we have the guy caught on camera. so, if i see him again or any security officer sees him, he’s toast. 

sucky thing… or things, should i say, about this whole dealio are:
1. no phone, of course
2. he might have potential access so some of my vital info
3. he could be reading this right now
4. i just posted iphone on ebay to sell it so that i could upgrade to the newer model
5. i will now be paying 100% out of pocket for a new iphone
6. i can officially say that i hate thieves… really dude, classy.
7. i’ll be getting a new number, not sucky, just a hassle to update everyone, so get ready
8. jason’s not a happy camper… he’s not mad, just not happy. kapeesh?
9. this makes me look really dumb at work
10. having to change all my passwords

oh, and one more thing… if you get a random call from a random person, it very well could be my cell phone thief. if he does call, would you kindly tell him to return it to it’s rightful owner? that would be me of course, just in case you missed that. oh and let him know that opry mills has him on their survellance video and if he comes back to the mall he will be banned from property. 🙂



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