undy sundy

yesterday, monica and i hit the road to louisville, ky and while we were there we visited a nice little baptist church. from growing up in a baptist church… i mean a SOUTHERN baptist church, you can pretty much conjure up an idea of what is kosher and not kosher for the goings-on inside the church walls. so, we’re sitting there, reading through the bulletin and about the time i got to the ministry opportunities section, the pastor begins talking about a particular item on that list – undy sundy. no, not sunDAY… sunDY…

“tomorrow is undy sundy,” he said. “there will be donation bins all over the church so please bring as many unopened packages as you can!” 

yes, you got it! they are doing an underwear drive in their church. “it’s the gift that people don’t think about giving,” he said. i’m not quite sure just what people he’s talking about… nonetheless, he was as serious as a heart attack. this was no joking matter. people need the Lord, but they gotta have undies!

oh my! can we say awkward? HELLO! and yes, THIS was a baptist church. never in a million years would we have ever done a drive like this in the church i grew up in.

after i got over the initial shock that this was in fact happening, we laughed and laughed! imagine… bins and boxes FULL of underwear all over a baptist church!!! wowsers! oh, and the fact that he had to remind them to bring unopened packages… i mean REALLY?!

how funny. undy sundy! cracked me up.


1 Response to “undy sundy”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 7:46 am

    Undy Sundy! I love it. I’m going to suggest it in my church!

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