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i’m not sure who this person is writing this, but i do know that she is a runner. well, sort of. she has run twice in one week and is LOVING it. who is this person?! and what has she done with rebecca suzanne?!

here’s the story…

a few months ago, a friend of mine started a program called couch to 5K. sounds horrid. running a 5K? yeah right… but the more and more i thought about it, the more i became okay with the idea of getting up off my fat arse and getting active. so, i began to actually USE my gym membership that i’ve been paying $100 a month for only to say that i have one. i was THAT person… yeah, you’ve done it too. you cannot deny.

off to the gym! i stared a measly twice a week routine of walking on the treadmill, hanging out on the elliptical for a while, then pumping some iron on those hydraulic machines. all good stuff right?  but i wasn’t breaking sweat, i wasn’t feeling better, and i wasn’t loosing any weight. so, in a moment of clarity one saturday morning when i should have been at the gym, i decided that i was switching gears. i would begin to run, tomorrow. if you know me well, you know that running and i do not,  in any way, whatsoever, have a friendly relationship. running reminds me of high school gym class and a little thing we called suicides. no need for explanation. since then (we’re talking post high school, which is going on it’s 11th year, i  might add) i’ve always said that i would not run, ever again, unless i was sprinting from base to base OR being chased.

so, here we are. i’m not enrolled in any sort of softball league nor am i in a dating relationship (sprinting from base to base… eh?) and i’m certainly not being chased. at least i don’t think i am…. enter quick glance behind me… yesterday was day two of running and today, i wished to be in the gym plodding along on the treadmill. i even thought, “today would be a great day for a run outside.” just plain crazy talk. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!  i’m even seeking advice and accountability from my dear friend kelli white (world championship runner). Lord have mercy.

so, stay tuned. i will go forward. tomorrow is day 3. i expect it to keep getting a little bit easier and yet a lot more challenging as i increase the intervals in which i run. for more details on the C2K program, go here. see what i’m putting myself through.

on another note, i’m pumped about getting some new cute running shoes! ping!


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