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to my dear friends…


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Would wouldn’t want to go?! Anyone want to meet me in Vegas?




True Friends

I get made fun of for all the friends that I have on Facebook… I think I’m over the 500 mark at this point. (And in all honesty, I actually DO personally know 95% of them. It’s true! The other 5% of course are a few bands & musicians I will probably never meet.) I will have to tell you though, the good ‘ole F’book has helped me rekindle friendships that I never would have otherwise, I’ve learned of marriages, births, engagements, happy times, sad times, and all those in between moments in life. I don’t really consider myself a socialite although I do like to remain social; Facebook has certainly allowed me to do that, much more than I ever have, in fact. I know, it’s not face to face contact, but when you have friends that live in Nashville and D.C. this is about as good as it gets! I boldly confess that I spend way to much time at the computer but it has certainly benefited me for the better. I know who my true friends are.

Here are a few highlights from the past year, attributed 100% to Facebook:

One of my best friends from high school, who has grown up to be quite a lovely lady of God, got married and moved off to D.C. a couple years ago. I NEVER would have known this if we hadn’t connected through Facebook! Last September, she and her hubby came to the Bay Area for business and again, thanks to Facebook, we got to meet up and hang out for the evening. She continues to be one of my closest friends and is a constant source of love and encouragement for me! I know that if I ever need her, she’s only an poke away. Thanks Heather for being one of the best friends I’ll ever have! I’ll send you a drink later 🙂

I have taken on the exciting yet difficult task of planning my high school reunion. Next year, will be 10 years. First of all, I am now officially a grown-up… 10 years already?! Whoa… Secondly, without Facebook, I certainly would not have been able to gather contact info and catch up with the majority of my classmates. I am now looking at an 85% completion of my contact list for my graduating class! Now if I could only just hunt down the remaining 15%…

Facebook is also a fantastic way to shamelessly promote music and business. So, we have done exactly that with Otterball. It’s a really laid back way to introduce and update your product and keep your fans enticed. Thanks F’book for thinking about the business owners out there! We have loved the interaction that it has provided us thus far with the www. Are you a fan?

Another really great friend of mine from high school and I met up on Facebook just before I left Houstonin 2007. Come to find out, she had been living 30 minutes down the road from me for the past year and half and I had no idea… until Facebook. How awesome and yet somewhat sad is that all at the same time?! So, when her hubby had to come to the Bay Area for a job interview, she came along and you got it, we spent the day together! Lisa, hope to see you around these parts again soon! Or, maybe I’ll catch ya in H-town.

Last but not least, a great friend of mine from many years ago has made a gold mine for himself! He recently placed 3rd on a little show with a big name called “The Next Great American Band.” His band is amazingly talented and you should all go out and buy their cd right now! Thanks to F’book (and his wife for setting up the account for him), we’re gonna be hanging with my cool cat Denver and the Mile High Orchestra next month in Napa (and that’s spelled with one ‘P’). All I need now is the t-shirt!

Sooooo…. how has Facebook helped you rekindle friendships once lost?

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