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american idol – top 7

wow! this group of contestants are amazing! i think the right 2 went home tonight and honestly, i think ‘lil should have been sent home a few weeks ago. i’m sad to see anoop go because he was a nice guy but there’s no way he would have won the competition. i’m still cheering for danny all the way! he’s just amazing every single time. this is probably the best top 5 i’ve ever seen! can’t wait for next week!!!!


american idol – top 10

well tonight was certainly a the night that the wheat separated from the chaff… the best performances by far were allison and matt. they are both pros at this and just have that natural ability and talent. adam and danny were also really good, the norm from them, i thought. however, with adam, i’m getting a little tired of all the drama. he’s a bit over the top, but still, can sing like crazy!

i’m worried for megan and michael this week… def in the bottom in my opinion. lil rounds and scott are still pushing through but just barely hanging in there.

another solid shot from kris allen. he’s got a cool little vibe about him.

i thought that anoop did pretty darn well too! he’s got a really sweet voice. i like him doing the ballads so much better than what got him into this competition.

so there you go…

the wheat – allison and matt

the chaff – megan and michael


american idol – top 11

so last night was kinda weird for me. i love country night on american idol but it just didn’t do it for me this year. there were a lot of very strange song choices i thought. anyway, here are my favorites…

as usual, adam lambert was AMAZING! loved the johnny cash song bro but not on country night. i felt like it was a little sacrilegious… but nonetheless, FANTASTIC job! he’s just got it.

danny gokey, my horse, didn’t do as well this week. still really really good though. my vote is gonna be for him every single week. i can feel it. he’s just a like-able guy and solid in his performances. i agree with everyone on the wardrobe… a little too straight jacket-esque… but who cares… SIMON! gosh! he’s not the one choosing this outfits anyway.

praise the Lord that kris allen stepped it up this week! holy moly that boy can sing! we’ve known this all along but kinda forgot about it, i think. great job on his part.

i also thought anoop dog did really well with his ballad and matt giraud… dude…. wow! another great song choice and A+ job behind the keys. i can see him winning this thing!

the girls were a little off this week. not one of them stood out too me. not even megan. i feel bad for her being sick so considering, she did really well. i’m scared for lil rounds and scott macintyre tonight. i missed lil’s soul and it just might be time for scott to go. he’s good but not as good as the rest of the gang… and think about it… if he made the top 10, don’t you think it would be hard for him to do all the touring?

oh! and randy… dude… gingerbread fake tan and even faker teeth do not equal cool. not even for you buddy.


american idol – round 1

i’m taking a cue from travis and am joining in on the AI live blogging… ok… here we go peeps!


what’s the deal with the weird intro? was that weird for you? it was weird for me.

i LOVE that scott macintyre’s bro is with him on stage… so cute, keeping it in the family. by the way, scott’s bro is a model for dillard’s and petsmart. how about that for random knowledge?

yeah baby, MJ! i sure hope someone sings PYT… this could be really amazing tonight! do you think the man in the mirror will make an appearance?!?!?!?!

lil rounds: the way you make me feel : go on girl! she’s looking pretty comfy on that stage. i like her. good performance.

scott macintyre: keep the faith : boy’s got a little bit of soul in him! way to go scott! i don’t understand why simon is being so square with his comments for scott yet wanting everyone else to go outside the box. makes no sense…

danny gokey: PYT: YEAH BABY! i freakin love this song!!! a little michael mcdonald influence here? holy crap my brotha! danny gokey baby! he’s my horse this year.

michael sarver : you are not alone : a few words to describe mr. michael… pipes. pretty boy. lady’s man. kinda kareoke but good. you can tell he’s had a lot of time singing in the church.

jasmine murray: i’ll be there : great song choice! aww… so many memories… this was always the couples skate song at the roller rink. although i was usually the girl playing skiball… anyway… not sure if this performance gonna  keep her  in the competition. funny enough, i agree with paula on this one.

chris allen: remember the time: another church boy that can SING! holy crap. the guitar was a little out of place, i thought. seems like he’s hiding behind it a bit and he didn’t sing as well as usual but still, really really good. jason mraz esque. thank you randy.

allison irahetta: give it to me: she’s a natural! not sure she will win this contest but she’ll def have a career after the show. so who thinks she’s older than she says she is?

anoop desai: beat it: decent job. a little weak for the caliber song he chose. cute as a button though. he’ll certainly get the girl vote.

jorge nunez: never can say goodbye: all of puerto rico will be voting tonight… but sad to say, that might be it. very pitchy i thought.

megan joy corkrey: rockin robin: sweet girl. kinda reminds me of a more quirky kt tunstall. wait… does simon have a lighter in his hand?! yes. yes he does.

adam lambert: black and white: i just hope he doesn’t stick his tongue out… oh… nope, there it is. he couldn’t resist. oh well, he’s still really really good! loved it!

what’s a hurky, ryan?

matt giraud: human nature: another phenom song! i like this guy…  GREAT job behind the piano. LOVED that.

alexis grace: dirty diana: yeah girl! best girl performance by far!

oh wait… a change? are the judges deciding the fate of the contestants this year? it’s about time.

no MJ… oh well…


is christianity the next american idol?

read this article…


i called it.

it’s so sad… but true… evidently. please pray for him and his family.


Michael Johns

by far the best thing that came out of american idol this year…

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