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dog gone it!

i haven’t yet decided if the folloing story is a blessing or a curse… you decide…

 since jason and i have been back in nashville, we have “rescued” 4 animals (3 dogs, 1 cat) from getting the potential of being hurt in the road. each time has been a close call that i can barely even think about without crying. my heart is certainly getting a workout lately! so hang on to your kleenex box, this is a wild ride… 

about 4 weeks ago, we were headed to my mom’s house and this little dog shot across this busy street. so, we pulled off as quickly as we could to get it back to the other side where it came from. several cars passed going about 40mph or so. i was scared to deather that it was going to dart to the other side and get hit. then all of a sudden, there it went, back across bringing an oncoming car to a screeching halt. thank goodness the dog didn’t get hit. it kept on running, going through this very large hay field to a house down the way. jason and i ran across the field trying to catch the dog and see it’s collar. when i got to the house, i saw a lady let the dog in through the back door. i knocked on her door spoke with her for a little bit but she didn’t seem to care nor did she say thank you for any of our efforts or concern. that just disgusted me. if we hadn’t been there, that car would have hit the little guy. i was so mad at this woman! lock your gate lady, geez.  when this happend, we had just moved back home from the bay area that week. people there are so prideful about their animals and are extremely aware of where they are and what they are doing at all times. i was so upset that anyone would be so careless and unaware about their pet. that was incident #1.

so moving on… we were leaving our condo and on the other side of the street was this small gray mangy dog sniffing in the grass. i thought maybe it was just being let out to go potty by it’s owner but there was no one in sight. so we pulled into the parking lot across from our condo. the dog was very skiddish and wouldn’t come to us. it had tags on but was very mangy, like it hadn’t had a bath in months. i assumed it was a lost dog and we were bound to find it’s owner. we found a little pile of old chicken wing bones in the parking lot (gross, i know… but it worked) and coaxed it over into a closed off area for a dumpster. finally, after about 30 minutes or so, jason got close enough to the dog to hold it still so he could see what was on the tags. we called the phone number (i was crying like a baby). a woman answered the phone and nonchalantly said, “yeah, that’s my dog. she’s such a bad dog. where are you?” she couldn’t have cared less, but i  wasn’t too shocked considering how much she needed a bath. poor girl. the lady literally lived right around the corner from where we were. when she came she shook jason’s hand but that was it. i just don’t understand why people don’t take care of their animals! another lady that just had no pride in her sweet animal.

the next incident was on our way home last week. we saw a cat in our parking lot that just wouldn’t move. i had to get out of the car to pick it up so that we could get by. it just rolled over like it wanted to play. (side note: i’m EXTREMELY allergic to cats, but in this moment, i didn’t care, i picked it up anyway). the cat had no collar but it was declawed so i knew it was a house cat. come to find out, thanks to one of our neighbors in our building, we found that it belongs to this guy down the street. so, i walked the cat over, he came out of his house when he saw me come into his gate. he didn’t really understand why we had his cat… “was she bad or something?” he said. obvisously, she wasn’t but she had gotten off his proprety and could have very well gotten hurt. i mean, if she rolled over in a parking lot, she surely wouldn’t have moved for an oncoming car. i put the cat down and within a few minutes she was crossing the street again. the owner just stood there and watched me while i went after her. again, a careless pet owner. arg. there were no tears this time, just anger. and i don’t even like cats! which, point proven, is why i don’t get one. 

last but not least was yesterday. i was driving down a major road here in nashville and there i saw a 40 pound dog walk very casually across the street a couple times right in front of me. thankfully cars are slowing down enough and the dog is getting across safely but i couldn’t help it. i had to stop. i got out, crossed the street to where the dog was and held it real tight to me. this was  not a small dog, and she was strong as an ox. i noticed that there was a girl waiting at the bus stop. she yelled at me and said, “i know the owner. she’s my neighbor.” i told her (yes, i told her) to get her neighbor on the phone. i let her know that i had her dog and this is what she said to me… “do you want her?” i could have jumped through the phone! i said very sternly to her… “no, i don’t want her! i want YOU to want her! this is your dog ma’am. i want you to give me your address and your phone number and i will deliver her back to you.” so she did. i put the sweet doggie in my car and drove to her owner’s house. i knocked on the door (i knew that the girl i talked to was at work) and a young guy answered. i let him know that his dog was delivered safely to the back yard but he didn’t seem to care. it was all i could do to keep from taking the dog home with me but i knew i couldn’t. she was beautiful though and if i see her again, you better believe i’ll take her and find her a good and loving home. this was the most emotional one for me. i cried for the next hour over this. it just hit too close to me to see where this little baby was going to be living and then knowing that her owners don’t even want her. 

so, everyone listen up! if you think you want an animal, think you can handle the responsibility, think you can afford it or think that they are disposable beings, then DON’T GET A PET! stay away from those cute cuddly faces and bashful eyes that reel you in. it is not worth risking a life! 

on another note, if you find a stray animal, please attempt to find the owner first. the next resort is the nearest no-kill shelter.

evidently, the Lord knows just how much i love my animals, he has given me this task. again, i’m pretty sure this is a curse… but hopefully i can turn it into a blessing. so far, every animal has been delivered to it’s rightful owner. praise God for that!


another year, another dog-gone race


heat 2: shelby raced like a champ and got second place! yeah for our little speedy gonzales! last year she ran off into the crowd somewhere… i think a little munchkin was tempting her with an irresistible hot dog.

heat 3: lexy raced in this heat and taking note from her sister from last year, she got side tracked and began enjoying the nearest oscar meyer… dad had to go get her and put her back in the lane. she eventually crossed after she realized her mama was at the end. 🙂


it was a great day! too short (no pun intended… get it… dachshunds are short… ha… ha… yeah, not funny), but it so much fun! 

here a few pictures to commemorate this year’s wiener nationals at highway.

you know we had to get them a little treat for all their hard work! i mean, what kind of humans would we be if we didn’t?


and they’re off!

about this time last year, we were in the process of digging our heals into the bay area. we had been here about 4 months and we still felt like we were on a little excursion, if you will… not at home. we were in the midst of all the things you do when you move to a new area – finding doctors, a trusty car repair shop, where-the-locals-go establishments, etc, but most importantly – a church home.

we had begun our search, but it was a slow one. we found ourselves somewhat disheartened by the lack of churches in the area. coming from the bible belt, it was quite an eye-opening experience. i realized my naivety about areas outside of the south. i expected to see a church on every street corner like back home, but we found the exact opposite, in fact. hoping for a miracle, we continued searching for our church home. driving around the streets of the peninsula, we hadn’t found much. dear friends, if you ever are presented with “the church hunt” when moving to a new area, remember this – you cannot judge this particular book by it’s cover! i began thanking the lord for his reminder to me…

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.    Joshua 1:9

we began with a couple of “big” churches, then moved to the “cool” churches with the snazzy websites, and finally after two dead ends, began seeking recommendations from friends who knew the church-circuit out here. the very first place we visited was the highway community, and it was completely by chance. we really liked it a lot. it just felt good, however, we didn’t want to say yes to the first place we visited. we found that it’s kind of like apartment hunting, it looked like it would work out but there may be a better deal out there, ya know? over the next several months we visited a few churches but we kept coming back to highway. we really enjoyed the laid back casualness of the crowd, the challenging sermons, and the worship was refreshing. everything felt good but we weren’t completely set on it until this one particular crisp sunday morning… there it was… there, in the program… we saw “the sign” written just inside the front page… in dark bold letters it read…



i believe i looked at jason in that very moment and said one word… SOLD!

i was sold at that very moment! i thought, if a church accepts me, great, wonderful, lovely, but if a church literally goes above and beyond to reach out to my dogs… heck yeah… i’m pretty much there. it was then, that we committed to this church, amen. that’s a funny story, huh? but the Lord has done a mighty work thus far, so far beyond what we could have ever imagined! i am so thankful for this church. god knew exactly what it would take to get our attention. he knows our hearts; he knows our joys; and he used our precious four-legged blessings to guide us! (oh, and you better believe that our dogs competed in those races! mucho fun was had by all!)

… … … … …

so here we are, a year later, completely in love with the community that we belong to, and we’re off to the races again – this sunday! i will post pictures and a recap for all you dog lovers!

with this event, i am reminded of the faithfullness of the lord to provide his people with the comfort, guidance, love, and the community that we need, and that comes from being part of a church. i am so thankful for our home!


Is this what they mean by “two become one”?

I don’t even know…


Test Your Awareness

Seeing is believing! It’s easy to miss what’s right in front of you if you’re paying attention to something else. Thanks, Very Short List


Oh the stress of life…

Please pray for us! Our lease ends March 31st and we have no idea where we’re going to move to! We are looking for a house/condo/townhome to rent instead of an apartment. We’ve submitted 2 contracts already both of which have fallen through. Both of which were fantastic places! I hate to even talk about it but we may have to compromise and live in yet another corporate apartment complex. I hate the ‘C’ word when it comes to your living arrangements. ARG!

So here’s the main issues – we HAVE to be close to the Caltrain so that Jason and/or I can ride it to get to work. We also have to have a place that takes both of our dogs. The last place that fell through was ONLY because the Home Owner’s Association only allows one pet to live there, which, honestly, is a bunch of poo. And of course, it’s got to be in our price range.

Please please please pray for us. We’ve put in our 30 day notice and we have to be moved out at the end of the month and it sure would be nice if we knew where we’re going! Pray that God will literally open a door for us.

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