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The Search Continues

Tomorrow I’m hitting the road with a friend of mine in search of my future dwelling place. I have about 15 places to check out and I’m sure I will be exhausted, confused, and very well aggravated by the end of the day. Please pray for me tomorrow that God will not allow me to have any of those feelings or thoughts. We now have 2 1/2 weeks to find a place to land. 



Still house hunting…. I have a list about a mile long of places to check out but very little time to do so. My days are jam packed right now. Yesterday I took off early from work to be able to drive around for 2 hours looking for “For Rent” signs… I think I found 2. No one posts signs in their yards! So, all you people who are renting, please please please for the love of a tenant, post a freakin sign!

Pray that God will show me a sign! 🙂


Oh the stress of life…

Please pray for us! Our lease ends March 31st and we have no idea where we’re going to move to! We are looking for a house/condo/townhome to rent instead of an apartment. We’ve submitted 2 contracts already both of which have fallen through. Both of which were fantastic places! I hate to even talk about it but we may have to compromise and live in yet another corporate apartment complex. I hate the ‘C’ word when it comes to your living arrangements. ARG!

So here’s the main issues – we HAVE to be close to the Caltrain so that Jason and/or I can ride it to get to work. We also have to have a place that takes both of our dogs. The last place that fell through was ONLY because the Home Owner’s Association only allows one pet to live there, which, honestly, is a bunch of poo. And of course, it’s got to be in our price range.

Please please please pray for us. We’ve put in our 30 day notice and we have to be moved out at the end of the month and it sure would be nice if we knew where we’re going! Pray that God will literally open a door for us.

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