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check out to view some of my father-in-law’s newest artwork for sale!



another update: the in-laws house is all good! yeah! 


update: all is well! they “weathered” the storm just fine. the ‘rents stayed with my bro-in-law in his 4th floor apartment. cars and all are just fine, thank goodness! the street leading to his complex however – flooded. so there’s no leaving the camp just yet. the worst part of it all, no air conditioning for a while, but despite that, no biggie. i will keep you posted on any damage to the parent’s house but as far as they know, from their neighbor’s report, is that there wasn’t any flood damage. we can only hope and pray that his assessment was correct. 

thanks for your prayers! they were felt, literally!


Please pray for my friends and family as they hunker down as Ike rolls through tonight and the morning.

We are keeping a close watch from where we are and will give you updates as quickly as we can.


Hurry and pray for the Hurricane!!!

Dear friends and family…

There is a might wind headed towards my friends and family in Houston tomorrow called Edouard. Read more here –>

I am asking for your hurried and steadfast prayer for my dear friends and in-laws that live in the area. They have been hit and scared by weather like this before (Hurricane Allison) but it’s outcome is never predetermined. Please pray for protection, health, strength, and rest during this time. They are all on pins and needles expecting the worst but praying for the best.

Thank you for your commitment to prayer during this time. I will keep you updated.


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