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yep, that’s me… not mia… m.i.a.

i’ve been out of touch for a while and just thought i’d pop in. today was a sick day for me and as per doc’s orders, tomorrow will be too. what’s wrong you ask? oh, just an acute bought with the flu, a pretty bad sinus infection and the potential for it all to turn into bronchitis. nothing major. how do i feel? besides the fact that i have a fever, my knees are purple and my face is pounding, i’m great! actually, it sounds worse than it is. mostly i’m drugged and feeling it. laziness is my middle name. 

so, welcome to my office for the next two days…

img_09111and i’d like  you to meet my co-workers… Tea. Tissue. TiVo. and Mr. Bear



True Friends

I get made fun of for all the friends that I have on Facebook… I think I’m over the 500 mark at this point. (And in all honesty, I actually DO personally know 95% of them. It’s true! The other 5% of course are a few bands & musicians I will probably never meet.) I will have to tell you though, the good ‘ole F’book has helped me rekindle friendships that I never would have otherwise, I’ve learned of marriages, births, engagements, happy times, sad times, and all those in between moments in life. I don’t really consider myself a socialite although I do like to remain social; Facebook has certainly allowed me to do that, much more than I ever have, in fact. I know, it’s not face to face contact, but when you have friends that live in Nashville and D.C. this is about as good as it gets! I boldly confess that I spend way to much time at the computer but it has certainly benefited me for the better. I know who my true friends are.

Here are a few highlights from the past year, attributed 100% to Facebook:

One of my best friends from high school, who has grown up to be quite a lovely lady of God, got married and moved off to D.C. a couple years ago. I NEVER would have known this if we hadn’t connected through Facebook! Last September, she and her hubby came to the Bay Area for business and again, thanks to Facebook, we got to meet up and hang out for the evening. She continues to be one of my closest friends and is a constant source of love and encouragement for me! I know that if I ever need her, she’s only an poke away. Thanks Heather for being one of the best friends I’ll ever have! I’ll send you a drink later 🙂

I have taken on the exciting yet difficult task of planning my high school reunion. Next year, will be 10 years. First of all, I am now officially a grown-up… 10 years already?! Whoa… Secondly, without Facebook, I certainly would not have been able to gather contact info and catch up with the majority of my classmates. I am now looking at an 85% completion of my contact list for my graduating class! Now if I could only just hunt down the remaining 15%…

Facebook is also a fantastic way to shamelessly promote music and business. So, we have done exactly that with Otterball. It’s a really laid back way to introduce and update your product and keep your fans enticed. Thanks F’book for thinking about the business owners out there! We have loved the interaction that it has provided us thus far with the www. Are you a fan?

Another really great friend of mine from high school and I met up on Facebook just before I left Houstonin 2007. Come to find out, she had been living 30 minutes down the road from me for the past year and half and I had no idea… until Facebook. How awesome and yet somewhat sad is that all at the same time?! So, when her hubby had to come to the Bay Area for a job interview, she came along and you got it, we spent the day together! Lisa, hope to see you around these parts again soon! Or, maybe I’ll catch ya in H-town.

Last but not least, a great friend of mine from many years ago has made a gold mine for himself! He recently placed 3rd on a little show with a big name called “The Next Great American Band.” His band is amazingly talented and you should all go out and buy their cd right now! Thanks to F’book (and his wife for setting up the account for him), we’re gonna be hanging with my cool cat Denver and the Mile High Orchestra next month in Napa (and that’s spelled with one ‘P’). All I need now is the t-shirt!

Sooooo…. how has Facebook helped you rekindle friendships once lost?


P.S. I love you

This goes down in the books as one of the best movies I’ve seen. Now, that isn’t saying much because I don’t see a lot of movies. I tend to think that I just have really good taste and I to see movies until the good ones come across the big screen. Yeah… that sounds about right… 🙂

Although I think it was awkwardly written and performed… there are some great bits of truth to learn:

1. If you’re gonna love someone, then love hard and be real about it. If you do, then there won’t be any  regrets.

2. Live in the moment. Don’t worry about what people will say or think.

3. True friends will be there for you through any situation.

If none of that inspires you, then you should see the movie for this scene alone:


Vegas Baby!

Yep, I’m headed to Vegas! I cannot wait because I’ve never been… neither has Jason. We leave on Saturday morning and get back on Monday night. I’ll post pictures when I get back. Any suggestions on the must do’s?


Find Your Spot

Are you happy with where you live? Ever thought about leaving and moving to  a new place? Now that I’ve moved twice and lived in 3 different cities in the past 3 years, I think about that. What’s the best place for me to live? I found this website that figures that out for you… Who knows, you might wind up in Alaska!


Going Green – Water Bottles

Hello to all you water lovers! I know it’s tempting to buy a bottle of water when you’re thirsty or when you go to the ball park, the mall, the gym, etc. Resist the urge! Go out and buy you a nice $10 Nalgene water bottle, or two or three.           nalgene           

Keep one in your car, one at the office, and one at home to take with you to the gym. Now, $10 for a water bottle is a little much but these suckers are indestructible and they come in a vast variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Now you’ll never be thirsty because you’ll have your water bottle with you at all times. Ladies, they make small ones too that can fit in your purse.  Now, enough product promotion and on to saving the planet! About 1.5 million tons of plastic are used in the bottling of 89 billion liters of drinking water each year. That’s enough to make two water filters for every household on the planet! One billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. So while you’re out buying your nice new shiny water bottle, stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond or Walmart for that matter and pick you up a Pur Water Filter for your kitchen faucet.    pur                            

This will not only help give others drinking water but it will save you a bookoo of money! Bookoo = a crap load 🙂


The Night Shift

Well folks… no more night shifts for me, ’cause this girl’s got a brand new bag! I mean job… Yep, two weeks from today I will be employed by Simon Property Group, working specifically at the Stanford Shopping Center. I will be in the Marketing office there at the mall in the Guest Services department overseeing the girls that work that desk as well as being a part of the marketing and events that take place at the mall. Here’s a list of their upcoming events: They also do other stuff like a Jazz series in the summer which is super cool!        
It’s an absolutely gorgeous shopping mall that is all outside (you can do that here because the weather is so nice)! Some of the stores that are here are Tiffany’s, Coach, Kate Spade, Bloomingdale’s, Louie Vuitton, just to name a few. So it’s a very high end mall with extremely well-to-do patrons. To say the least, I have a high profile job which I am thrilled to be beginning soon!   In the midst of the new job, Jason and I are going to be moving into a new and yet undetermined place at the end of the month as well! Lots of changes here in the Jones household but we are very excited about them all!            
 God is good! All the time! 

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