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oh my…

i don’t know what’s funnier… the footwork or the anchor’s laughter… i would die! just die!


Oh the stress of life…

Please pray for us! Our lease ends March 31st and we have no idea where we’re going to move to! We are looking for a house/condo/townhome to rent instead of an apartment. We’ve submitted 2 contracts already both of which have fallen through. Both of which were fantastic places! I hate to even talk about it but we may have to compromise and live in yet another corporate apartment complex. I hate the ‘C’ word when it comes to your living arrangements. ARG!

So here’s the main issues – we HAVE to be close to the Caltrain so that Jason and/or I can ride it to get to work. We also have to have a place that takes both of our dogs. The last place that fell through was ONLY because the Home Owner’s Association only allows one pet to live there, which, honestly, is a bunch of poo. And of course, it’s got to be in our price range.

Please please please pray for us. We’ve put in our 30 day notice and we have to be moved out at the end of the month and it sure would be nice if we knew where we’re going! Pray that God will literally open a door for us.


What is an Otterball

    Better yet, WHO is Otterball? 

Otterball since 2003

Otterball is a web design company that Jason designs for and a good friend of ours, Paul started. I’m somewhat invested, as you can tell! 🙂 I’m am so excited about how well they are doing and we’re thrilled about the progress that the company is making. They recently released Dave Barnes new website and are working on projects with Music City Unsigned, Yale Music Scene, and ScreenSurge. Right now you can find us at www.otterball.comYelpFacebook, and we’re working on a Myspace. Feel free to peruse around the sites and give us your thoughts. Pass the cool stuff you find along. We all need a little plug every now and then right?  ENJOY! 


Hello again!

How is everyone? I know I haven’t officially written something in a few days now so I thought I’d give you an update on life.

1. Jason got a grant to start school this summer at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. This is a huge deal! Jason has been dreaming of going to this college since high school and now his dream is coming true! People get jobs at companies like Pixar after going to school there! He applied for the grant a few months ago and just this past weekend we found out that he got 75% of his summer school paid for! YEAH! If you’d like to congratulate him you can contact him through his website.

2. I*’m going back to school too! We’re not exactly sure when but soon. I will be taking the Event & Meeting Planning course at SF State. I’m working towards getting my CMP License (Certified Meeting Planner) and this is one of three steps: CEU’s (continuing education units), working in the industry (5 years), and taking the CMP exam. I hope to have all this done in no later than 4 years, mainly because of the work experience.

3. I’m healing still. My left leg is still not completely healed. I’m about at 90% on my right leg being back to normal but my left leg is still around 75%. Please pray for speedy recovery so that I can run around MacWorld with Jason on Friday and not have to think about my legs.

4. We’re going to MacWorld! YEE HAW! I’m super excited so that should clue you in on just how excited Jason is! (You know he worked for Apple in Houston, right?) I know, we’re dorks but it’s the coolest thing for us to be able to do this. We DO live in a fantastic city. I’ll post pictures later. I guess I should find out if I can take my camera in… hum.

5. We’re headed to Houston next weekend for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Yep, gettin hitched! That means that all the children are married… Jason & me, Andy & Michelle, Simon & Carrie. Whew! Now we’re moving on to dealing with mid-life crises’s and menopause and… just maybe… kiddos… We’ll see! I wonder who’s gonna be first to have a grandchild…

6. I’m in love… with Austin… Texas… It’s the best place on the face of the earth and I can’t wait until the day I can move there. The Bay Area is fantastic, it really is, but it’s no Austin. The biggest difference? Well it’s in Texas! DUH! 🙂

I think that’s all for now. There is one more thing that is new that I’m working on but I can’t post it here. If you’re interested then you can email me 🙂

 Love you all!


Eric Volz is released!




YEAH STANFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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