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help save david’s eyes

Benefit Concert – Featuring Brandon Heath, Jason Ingram, Matthew West & Tiffany Lee (Plumb)
Wednesday, March 11th
7:00pm, Student Center

No tickets needed but we will take donations for the cause.


The following information was approved by the Atmajaya family to share with the school community.

David Atmajaya is a senior at Centennial High School (18 yrs old). David’s father recently passed away from a severe stroke. David is losing his eyesight. He recently went to an eye specialist who told him he is legally blind and will completely lose his eyesight if he does not have immediate eye surgery. David suffers from glaucoma in both eyes. He has been paying $220. a month for eye medicine in an effort to keep his disease in check. Unfortunately, this has not been working. David’s family does not have health insurance.

David’s teacher, Mr. Kirby (who saw the need and inspired the school & community to do something about it), has set up an account at Fifth Third Bank for those who would like to donate and help pay for David’s surgery. His initial surgery has cost the family at least $3,000. and he’s had follow up surgeries still to be scheduled. This does not include the balance due from the loss of his father and the hospital bills the family owes from David’s fathers stroke. There is an account name at Fifth Third Bank called: “SAVE DAVIDS EYES” that we will deposit the money raised into the account.

How your donations will work:

  • Half of all the proceeds will go to David’s family to offset hospital bills.
  • The other half of the proceeds would go in a general fund set up by Centennial High School to help another family in need. The idea is to have an ongoing fund that Mr. Kirby and his students will manage. This fund would be used to help a needy family once every school semester.
  • Having an ongoing fund allows Mr. Kirby and Centennial High School give back to the community while learning the ins and outs of running a non-profit entity.
  • Overall theme of the event is two-fold: 1) Help David See 2) Jump Start General Fund (ongoing)



lives that touch

today at work at man (probably early 30’s) came by the booth to pick up a wheelchair. i noticed that he was on crutches and then realized when he sat down that he only had one leg. he had an oxygen tank with him as well. when he returned a few hours later with the wheelchair, he asked if i could push him outside to his car where his wife was picking him up. so i did and along the journey, pushing him to his car, noticing his bald head was covered with brown spots, i was bent over listening intently to what he was saying. he was so thankful for the wheelchair and thanked me about 5 times in our 3 minute walk. he told me how bitter he is about having to push his oxygen tank around and cant stand getting stared at but he was so very overjoyed to have a day out. he said he had been doing a lot of testings lately (i didn’t ask. i felt that all this man just needed someone to listen, so i did). he also told me that tomorrow he was headed back to vanderbilt for more testings and skin cell replacement procedures.

“they told me that this is my last hope,” he said.

oh, how i wish you could have heard him speak! he was so tired from the sickness, but yet full of energy on the inside. he longs to be healthy again. he is clinging onto all hope! then he got up, put his crutches under his arm, told me thank you again and started to hobble into the car. with tears in my eyes, all i could say to him was,

“God will bless you.”

usually what you say is, “God bless you” but for some reason it came out “God will bless you.”

my eyes filled even more with tears as i walked back to the booth. i prayed out loud, “Lord please bless him. give him strength and health that can only come from you!”

i don’t know why i said “God will bless you” but i did. and he will. that is his promise. 

so i ask you, please pray for brian. pray that God’s blessings WILL come quickly. thank you Lord that you bless us, even when we don’t deserve it.


how big is your GOD?

i am signed up for a monthly  e-newsletter from a company called marriage missions. it’s been quite amazing to me over the past year how pertinent these emails are to me when i receive them. every single time, it never fails, i am dealing with, reading or praying about the exact topic in their email. recently i have been reading through genesis and the creation story; thinking about just how big GOD is and how small i am. how he took the time to create me, out of nothing, and put me here on this earth. it’s baffling and quite humbling. he allows me to go through hard times and to struggle because he knows that i will be able to support, encourage, and understand someone else’s pain in the future. kinda the whole “his pain, my gain” idea. he uses us, every single fiber of our being for his glory! me… little me. wow!

i was pleasantly surprised, yet again to receive their email… here is an excerpt from their most recent email called “how big is your GOD?”


How big is your God? Do you recognize Him as the “Creator of heaven and earth” — the One who with His “own hands stretched out the heavens”, “marshaled their starry hosts”, “established the sun and the moon”, “laid the earth’s foundation”, “set all the boundaries of the earth” making “both summer and winter”, “every living creature” and “created mankind upon it”? How big is your God — Does He know and see you?

Pastor/Evangelist Louie Giglio answers that question this way: “He’s big enough to breathe out stars, yet intricate enough to fashion together the trillions of cells that make up every facet of who you are. The God who spoke the universe into existence made you, too, and knows everything about you. From the smallest molecule to the situation you find yourself in right now. He’s aware of your circumstances and is intimately acquainted with everything you do. He cares about you and promises to carry you through.”

He goes on to say, “He will hold onto you and hold you together, giving strength to those who hope in His unfailing love. He is the everlasting God.” Do you believe that? How big… how great is the God you perceive Him to be when it comes to helping you?

It’s a question I can confess that I personally struggled with for many years. I wondered whether God really did create the Heavens, the Earth and every living creature including human beings, instead of it all originally bursting forth and evolving somehow as many scientists propose. I struggled to believe that Jesus is who He says He is and that He is “the only way” to having a personal relationship with God. I questioned whether the truth of the Bible (because of so many arguments I’ve heard to the contrary). But time and again, God has revealed Himself to me in so many personal ways, that even though all of this still tries to eat away at my faith, I know that I know that I know, Who He is, and that my faith in Him is not misplaced.

Yet even though I eventually believed God to be the Creator of the Universe and every living creature, including me — I still struggled with knowing Him as my Heavenly Father — One who truly saw and cared about my life and marriage.

I saw God answering the prayers of others but didn’t see Him answering mine to the same degree. I would find myself feeling that He is a great God and one that answers prayer –but not mine. What has made it especially difficult has been having adult prodigal sons who left their faith in the exclusivity of Christ being the only way to relationship with God– with one son now claiming to be an atheist. It has been years and years of praying, struggling to keep believing, and continually longing for their Christian fellowship that especially chinks away at my faith.

Other circumstances I’ve prayed for have also shaken their fist at my faith as I’ve received either “no” answers or silence. But as I’ve sought Truth, eventually I remember that God’s ways are not my ways. He is God and I am not. I cannot begin to know all He does. I keep forgetting that. Yet through it all, God is patient and reminds me that I am not responsible for the choices of others, including my sons, to accept or reject Him. I am solely responsible for the choices I make. I find I can and must trust His heart and love for me and everyone else. It’s difficult at times, but it’s also sweet when God has comforts in ways that He knows I understand.

I share this with you because I want you to know that you are not alone in your “doubtstorms.” We all have vulnerabilities and go through times of temptation and struggle. Steve and mine are just different than yours. But none of us escapes “trials” and “tribulations” as we live in this fallen world. Don’t allow the enemy of our faith to fool you otherwise (see: James 1:2-5; John 16:33; Matthew 5:43-45; and 1 Corinthians 7:28). “We live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). How can we exercise faith if we see and understand everything?

And how could we relate to others who are suffering if we don’t suffer? For this reason, “we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” Beyond your hurts of today, there may be someone God will point your way so you can help and comfort them with compassionate understanding.

Through all and despite all, we can be “more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (see Romans 8:37-39). That is why we are continuing with this point this week. As God’s children we should not underestimate who we are to God and what He can do in and through us. “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, and love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). Once we comprehend who we are in Christ and Whose we are as children of God, we can approach the throne of God with boldness (see: Hebrews 4:14-16), knowing that He hears our prayers and is a “rewarder” of those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

It’s important for us to recognize how big and great our God is — yet embrace that He knows us in personal ways. He knit us together and knows everything about us. Our problems do not escape His sight. Once we really grasp this, we will look beyond our immediate circumstances with hope towards what God will do in and through us — not walking around or conducting ourselves as if we are defeated.

We pray this will help you in your Christian walk and your marriage to confidently trust God for all things.

Cindy and Steve Wright

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i called it.

it’s so sad… but true… evidently. please pray for him and his family.



another update: the in-laws house is all good! yeah! 


update: all is well! they “weathered” the storm just fine. the ‘rents stayed with my bro-in-law in his 4th floor apartment. cars and all are just fine, thank goodness! the street leading to his complex however – flooded. so there’s no leaving the camp just yet. the worst part of it all, no air conditioning for a while, but despite that, no biggie. i will keep you posted on any damage to the parent’s house but as far as they know, from their neighbor’s report, is that there wasn’t any flood damage. we can only hope and pray that his assessment was correct. 

thanks for your prayers! they were felt, literally!


Please pray for my friends and family as they hunker down as Ike rolls through tonight and the morning.

We are keeping a close watch from where we are and will give you updates as quickly as we can.


Hurry and pray for the Hurricane!!!

Dear friends and family…

There is a might wind headed towards my friends and family in Houston tomorrow called Edouard. Read more here –>

I am asking for your hurried and steadfast prayer for my dear friends and in-laws that live in the area. They have been hit and scared by weather like this before (Hurricane Allison) but it’s outcome is never predetermined. Please pray for protection, health, strength, and rest during this time. They are all on pins and needles expecting the worst but praying for the best.

Thank you for your commitment to prayer during this time. I will keep you updated.


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