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that’s a pretty significant time in the life of rebecca. how significant? funny you should ask! and thank you for doing so. that’s very kind of you. aaaaaaannnyyyway… it’s the time of my ┬ábirth. simple as that. i was born at 4:44pm. oh wait… maybe it was am… errr…. now that bit of detail i don’t know. but what i DO know is that at 4:44 morning or night i came boldly and beautifully into this world. my poor mother.

but there’s something else behind this number. what that is, i have no clue. it’s befuddling to me (isn’t that a great word?!) but it must be pretty darn significant in some way. enough so that somehow i end up looking at the clock at least once a week at that time. so why is this REALLY so significant? you tell me… anybody?

here are a few pictures from the past month proving my connection with this time…


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