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’tis the season

this survey has given me a reason to blog. thanks ging!

1. wrapping paper or gift bags? i use both. equally. mostly, it depends on the size and shape of the package. (that’s what she said!)

2. real tree or artificial? artificial. we would have a sneeze fest in our house if we got a real one. although i do enjoy the smell. i say, why not burn some evergreen oil from bath and body works? it’s lovely and almost smells like the real thing.

3. when do you put up the tree? usually after or on thanksgiving day. we put ours up the week before this year. we just couldn’t wait!

4. when do you take the tree down? sometime in january. although one year we left it up until the end of february. or was it march? either way, it was up a really long time!

5. do you like eggnog? nope. i like boiled custard. it’s eggnog without the nutmeg. yum yum yum

6. favorite gift received as a child? hmm… probably my pink bike that i rode forever and ever. loved that thing! it even came with the tassels on the handlebars!

7. hardest person to buy for? my grandmother… what do you get your grandmother?

8. easiest person to buy for? my aunt jerri. she’s pretty simple and easy to please. she always tells me that i’m the best gift she could get. aww…

9. do you have a nativity scene? nope. kinda puts God on too small of a scale for me… and i think they can be somewhat tacky and kitschy.

10. mail or email christmas cards? i love to get them in the mail but for 3 years now have failed to do so myself. lame. i know.

11. worst christmas gift you ever received? giftcards. please don’t buy me plastic.

12. favorite christmas movie? a charlie brown christmas

13. when do you start shopping for christmas? november-ish

14. have you ever recycled a christmas present? yeppers. one person’s trash is another man’s treasure.

15. favorite thing to eat at christmas? oh gosh… usually anything we have is great. i do love the boiled custard and ambrosia

16. lights on the tree? you betcha! pre-lit preferably.

17. favorite christmas song? o holy night

18. travel at christmas or stay home? staying home this year.

19. can you name all of santa’s reindeer? you know dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen. comet and cupid and donner and blizten. but do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all?!

20. angel on the tree top or a star? star and it’s beautiful!

21. open presents on christmas eve or morning? mid day on christmas day. after a late breakfast.

22. most annoying thing about this time of the year? radio stations all playing the same songs over and over and over and over and over… oh, and the fact that people get more grumpy this time of the year than they do at tax season!

23. favorite ornaments? don’t really have one. i’m pretty basic. we have silver, white, and red ornaments on our tree.

24. stockings? sort of. we need to invest in some really nice ones for us. right now we have one really big one and one itsy bitsy one.

25. take turns opening presents? sort of. we kinda all go at it. except for jason. he likes to watch everyone go first. then open his.

26. what do you want for christmas this year? a desk chair. we have two desks and have to share a chair. makes things a little bit tricky at time.


Going Green – Paper

Alrighty, here we go! Are you ready?This is not taken directly from the book but it’s just my first challenge to you. Jason and I already do this and it has made such a huge impact on my daily life at home and at work…Recycling PaperIt’s the easiest thing you can do to save the planet.There are several ways you can go about doing this and I will share with you what has worked best for us.1. This one is good for those that live in an apartment and this is how we started. When you go to the grocery store start asking for paper bags for your groceries (especially if they have handles). When you get home, find a nice place for them. We put ours under the sink in the kitchen. One at a time, start throwing all your paper goods away in these grocery bags. Once one is full, recyle it. Most likely your apartment complex will have a recycle bin. If not, take it back to the grocery store, they will. You might want to put one of these bags in each room. If you’re all about aesthetics though, you might want to invest in a square waste basket to hide the brown bag in 🙂 Oh, and next time you go to the grocery store, take all your plastic grocery bags with you and recyle those too!2. This is what we do now…. First things first, go out to Ikea and buy this –  If you don’t have an Ikea, I’m sure Walmart will have something similar. It’s a bin with a flip lid and it’s just perfect for recycling! It’s larger so it holds a lot more than the paper bag. Not to mention that it’s better looking. Am I right ladies?! All you have to do when you’re ready to go to the recycling bin is dump it out. We also have one for all our plastic & glass bottles but that’s another day. :)So, start there. Take all the paper you throw away and put it in a separate container. You will be AMAZED at just how much of your trash IS paper.

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