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rockin’ robin

we have a new little friend in one of our holly trees…


she’s hard at work keeping these little guys safe and warm…


so in honor of our friend… here’s a song…

He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ the song
All the little birds on J-Bird St.
Love to hear the robin goin’ tweet tweet tweet

Rockin’ robin (tweet tweet tweet)
Rockin’ robin (tweet tweet tweet)
Oh rockin’ robin well you really gonna rock tonight

Every little swallow, every chickadee
Every little bird in the tall oak tree
The wise old owl, the big black crow
Flapping them wings sayin’ go bird go

A wordy little raven at the bird’s first dance
Taught him how to do the bop and it was grand
He started goin’ steady and bless my soul
He out popped the buzzard and the oriole

He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ the song
All the little birds on J-Bird St.
Love to hear the robin goin’ tweet tweet tweet


Home Sweet Home

We have finally moved into our new place, last weekend in fact. I absolutely love it! This is the first time I’ve lived in a place that feels like home. You know that unsettled feeling you have when you live in an apartment? The feeling that you really can’t do much with it… I mean, why would you, you’re leaving in a year anyway. Well this place is completely different! It’s a townhome for starters. All of our neighbors own their home. It’s two floors, all the bedrooms are upstairs and, we have a garage! How cool is that? Jason is most thrilled about it because now he can have his manly area – you know, with tools and stuff. I’m really excited for him! I remember how much my father enjoyed his time in the garage fixing stuff and playing around with all the gadgets. It’s kinda like us and all our purses. Am I right ladies?!

Anyway, so we have the cutest little garden on the main floor porch that we’re going to have to have a gardener for. I have the brownest thumb I have ever seen. I cannot for the life of me keep anything alive (plant wise)! Then we have a huge balcony off the master bedroom which will be the perfect place for a lounge chair and soaking up the sunshine! Ginger, you’re welcome any time. I think you need a little Cali sun anyway!

There are so many great things about this place. The best of which it feels like home. It’s a very safe area, the floorplan is just fantastic, the rent is less than what we were paying, we have a garage & a W/D, and best of all, we’re not in a corporate apartment complex and my name isn’t Jones – 316A.

I’ll post pictures soon after we get all our furniture arranged and all the boxes are gone. You know how that is.

Here they are!


Find Your Spot

Are you happy with where you live? Ever thought about leaving and moving to  a new place? Now that I’ve moved twice and lived in 3 different cities in the past 3 years, I think about that. What’s the best place for me to live? I found this website that figures that out for you… Who knows, you might wind up in Alaska!


Going Green – Water Bottles

Hello to all you water lovers! I know it’s tempting to buy a bottle of water when you’re thirsty or when you go to the ball park, the mall, the gym, etc. Resist the urge! Go out and buy you a nice $10 Nalgene water bottle, or two or three.           nalgene           

Keep one in your car, one at the office, and one at home to take with you to the gym. Now, $10 for a water bottle is a little much but these suckers are indestructible and they come in a vast variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Now you’ll never be thirsty because you’ll have your water bottle with you at all times. Ladies, they make small ones too that can fit in your purse.  Now, enough product promotion and on to saving the planet! About 1.5 million tons of plastic are used in the bottling of 89 billion liters of drinking water each year. That’s enough to make two water filters for every household on the planet! One billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. So while you’re out buying your nice new shiny water bottle, stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond or Walmart for that matter and pick you up a Pur Water Filter for your kitchen faucet.    pur                            

This will not only help give others drinking water but it will save you a bookoo of money! Bookoo = a crap load 🙂


The Search Continues

Tomorrow I’m hitting the road with a friend of mine in search of my future dwelling place. I have about 15 places to check out and I’m sure I will be exhausted, confused, and very well aggravated by the end of the day. Please pray for me tomorrow that God will not allow me to have any of those feelings or thoughts. We now have 2 1/2 weeks to find a place to land. 



Still house hunting…. I have a list about a mile long of places to check out but very little time to do so. My days are jam packed right now. Yesterday I took off early from work to be able to drive around for 2 hours looking for “For Rent” signs… I think I found 2. No one posts signs in their yards! So, all you people who are renting, please please please for the love of a tenant, post a freakin sign!

Pray that God will show me a sign! 🙂

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